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We are Disciples of Christ.

A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

As a part of the one body of Christ,

we welcome all to the Lord's Table God has welcomed us.


1884 - The First Christian Church of Eldon was formed in June 1884 with 19 members and our first pastor, the Reverend Edmund Wilkes.  Our first chruch was located where Salem Cemetery is located, north of Eldon

1889 - Our first building was erected in 1889 on a lot west of Maple Street near the Rock Island Depot.

1893-1928 - Fourteen Pastors served the church. 

1928-1947 - Rev. A.L. Alexander pastored the church for 19 years.

1947-1948 - Rev. C.C. England pastored the church for one year.

1948-1957 - Rev.Clark Sanner pastored the church for nine years.

1957-1966 - Rev. C. N. Van Dyke pastored the church for nine years.

1967-1977 - Rev. Walter D. Simpson pastored the church ten years.

1977 - Dr. Paul Bolman, Interim Pastor for six months.

1977-1985 - Rev. O.D. Johnston pastored the church.

1985-1990 - Rev Harvey Wilford pastored the church for 10 years.

1990 - 1991 - Rev Ron Crooks pastored the church.

1990-1991 - Rev. Leila Reynolds, Interim pastor.

1991-1996 - Rev. David Grosnick pastored the church for five years.

1997-1998 - Rev. Benny Yount, Interim pastor.

1998 - 2000 - Rev. Walter D. Simpson pastored the church. 

2000 - Eldon had been serving the area for 116 years!

2000-2013 - Rev. Shirley Williams pastored the church for 13 years.

2013-2014 - Dr. Larry Gallamore, Interim pastor.

2014 - Present - Dr. William Foglesong pastoring the church.

Today the FCC of Eldon is 129 years old and going strong with more than 200 members. Our annual events such as the Ham & Bean Dinner and the Salad Luncheon are hugely successful community events. 

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